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Evans isn’t just a drumhead maker, we’re a technology brand that makes drumheads. In a world not unlike our own, Evans has gone all in on research and development. They’ve designed and built a highly classified research and testing installation, known as the Experimental Materials Division, and staffed it with the greatest musical minds available. 

With their mostly voluntary assistance, E.V.A.N. has compiled the most comprehensive percussion knowledgebase the world has ever seen. And now, having completed his task, all that’s left is to share his findings with the world.

Creative for a new set of groundbreaking strings, featuring an extended lifespan treatment — enhanced break resistance, pitch stability and long lasting performance.

The ‘Her Art Here’ campaign is rooted in the insight that while 51% of today's artists are women, less than 13% of art on display in museums is by women artists. With this in mind, United Airlines is giving two women the opportunity to have their art featured on two huge canvases — United Boeing 757’s.

To launch this campaign and initiative, we collaborated with Shantell to create two interactive art installations.

The racial optics of Black characters in animation and Black animators is a conversation at the beginning of getting mainstream attention. In the latest episode of Taking Up Space on Facebook Watch (from Netflix's Strong Black Lead), former Fugees frontman Wyclef Jean and several other Black creatives discuss the impact of having Black writers, animators and voices behind the camera — Shadow And Act

Hennessy, one of the world’s best-selling Cognac, announced a first-ever collaboration with fashion house Opening Ceremony to celebrate an encounter of two cultures – “East Meets West” – with an X.O-inspired limited-edition collector’s piece.

The Hennessy X.O “East Meets West” Travel Bag by Opening Ceremony is inspired by co-founders’ Carol Lim and Humberto Leon’s heritage and world travels, with an aesthetic that blends tradition and heritage with modern elements. The stunning design perfectly holds the iconic shape of the Hennessy X.O bottle – the world’s original X.O Cognac and ultimate gift this holiday season.

Michelob ULTRA, is celebrating Father's Day by bringing back its #ULTRADAD campaign for a second year. This year, the brand is celebrating not only biological fathers but all father figures by recognizing the special role that coaches, mentors and step-fathers play in people's lives.

The film highlights three relationships where father figures are surprised with a letter of thanks from those whose lives they've positively impacted. Michelob ULTRA has also joined forces with Up2Us Sports, a nonprofit that engages, trains and supports coaches.

#NoApologies #BornandMade campaign, a movement that encourages every woman to celebrate her individuality unapologetically. In order to tell this story, the brand has returned to its Brooklyn roots by filming a series of videos throughout the borough that inspire viewers to be who they authentically are. The campaign features Lisa Price, the brand's founder, as well as local influencers (Kokie Childers, Latonya Staubs, Cynthia Andrew) and spoken word artist, Mahogany Browne, who came together to help celebrate the stories of unique beauty.

The #NoApologies campaign also highlights some of the brand's most coveted product lines. These easily accessible collections offer solutions for all hair types, from dry and brittle to frizzy and fragile—with a range of products developed especially for styling and caring for all haircare needs